My Baby #officelove

My girl is growing older.  She spends most her time sitting with me while I work.  #tinksilva  #myvalentine

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Supply Chain Shortage Plan

Funding Approved – Supply Chain Shortage Plan

First and Foremost, Happy Holiday Season 2021!

In an effort to provide resources during the anticipated “supply chain shortages”, you are identified as a potential “Advance Solution Candidate” for 2022 & 2023 projects.

For a short time, our Enterprise Team is reviewing applicants to secure Unused Building Funds.

Securing grounded fiber technology to “Future Proof” your business.

You are currently guaranteed a site review and offer before 12/17/21 while space is available. Please do not miss this opportunity to utilize experienced Engineers, offering their planning services.

Please schedule an appointment Here: Calendar Booking

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The Greatest Man

I once new a man, who now lives in my heart.

He loved me so greatly,  I’m left ripped apart.

For his love can be felt deep within where it’s dark.

He loved me so greatly,  I can’t know where to start.

Today was the day when God gave him away.

What a blessing God gave when he deemed him my way.

Did he know who he was and the lives he would touch.

When he gave him to me.
The greatest man in my heart.

Happy Birthday Grandpa ❤🎂🍷

BAE – before anyone else

By the time age 40 arrives, it is possible your beliefs look very different than they did at 20.

Maybe better or worse, but most likely just evolved.

It is good to periodically check in with yourself and realign, to keep you from veering way off course.

Personally, I am softer after 4 years of motherhood.  Olivia says I am squishy like a pillow.  I ❤ when she rests her head on me.

I have grown quiet over the years.  Mostly to think before I speak. 🙋‍♀️ Sometimes that happens.

Calling me sweeter would be an understatement.  #crumblecookie #squishylikepillow #ucan☎️mecandi

Fortunately, I am more loving.  If any other “BAE” had taken my #chickfila.  Hands down there would be a stand down.

#momlife #oliviasilva2016 #iworkforcomcast #comcastcandi

Call me, the answer for everything?  Is that even possible? Yes it is… #Dedicatedinternet #networkinfrastructure #quantumphysics  #makeshifthappen

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