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I’m Candice, your COMCAST Enterprise Account Representative

Para Amigos,

Check this out….Comcast’s Metro Ethernet Fiber Optic footprint has expanded.

As I am sure you are aware, many organizations are either migrating to, or enhancing their current IT environment with fiber driven solutions. 

I would like the opportunity to learn more about your business and how the network currently operates. 

Are you available 20 to 30 minutes by phone?  You can schedule a time here: Schedule time on my calendar

We look forward to quoting your business.  Sincerely,

Candice Fernandez Silva

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New Information about your comcast account

I’m Candice, your COMCAST Enterprise Account Representative


I am reaching out today regarding Comcast’s Metro Ethernet Fiber Optic footprint.

Your account has been assigned to me for review of current services.

As I am sure you are aware, many organizations are either migrating to, or enhancing their current IT environment with fiber driven solutions. 

We would like to learn more about your business and how the network currently operates. 

Are you available Tuesday or Thursday of next week to connect by phone?  In not, feel free to schedule a time that works for you: Schedule time on my calendar

I am looking forward to preparing a quote for your business.  Sincerely,

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In Earth, A story of memories.

For over a year I felt drawn to a place far West US.  A place my ancestors had inhabited, somewhere hot & dry.  My dreams filled of soil and limestone.

At one point I considered uprooting our lives to make a move to a place I thought we needed to be.  Built all around a desire to feel in earth.

My meditations filled with views across steep peaks on a desert backdrop.

I didn’t make it to native land this year, but I did fill my heart with memories.

Little did I know my desires for dirt & rocks could be filled a short drive from home.

Our time

“Started from the bottom now we’re here.”~ lyrics by Drake

How can we use the power of transmutation at work?

Watch this video,  then type an idea below. 🙂  I can’t wait to hear what you do with work energy!

The Universal Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, asserts that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Still, it changes from one state to another. This means that the energy in the universe is always transmuting into and out of form.

By: Google May 24, 2021

See more from MadFit 

At some point during my workday I end up “on the mat” and I never miss a meditation break. I use this time to transmute any “stress” into strength.

How do you transmute “create” your work?

Business Plays, for Winners

Adopting new technology or leaving the old Broadband provider behind?

As an Enterprise Account Executive at COMCAST, I provide solutions for your existing network or for technology improvements.  Layer 1 of our four-person team includes:  Our Regional Director Cory, Leadership Advisor Jackie, Sr. Engineering Specialist Mohan, and me (the liaison)

As “Partner Tech” we come prepared to provide quick action, strong plays and drive into the end-zone. I am ready to run your plays or write a playbook.

If your business has a need for dedicated fiber internet and you have been UNABLE to get approved to cover build cost in the past, please contact me.

If you impact buying decisions on Technology like Fiber Internet, PRI/VOIP, SD-Wan, Managed Services or DDoS Mitigation Service please schedule a 20-to-30-minute call at the link below. 

Schedule time on my calendar

*Serious inquiries only. 

We are real people, who answer the phone, respond to your emails and when permittable meet in person.  We want to be your Business Partners.

Working towards a shared priority of a flourishing future.

If you have made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read my contribution. If you are totally consumed, completely bored or both, please check out more blogs below.

Yours truly,

Candice Fernandez Silva


August Opportunities

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Check this out! Monday movement motivation. Indie/pop/folk Compilation

Hello Friends! Did you know anxiety is an opportunity to create a powerful artistic energy? If you are open to receiving this message, I’ve left it here for you. #Levelup <3

The Greatest Man

I once new a man, who now lives in my heart.

He loved me so greatly,  I’m left ripped apart.

For his love can be felt deep within where it’s dark.

He loved me so greatly,  I can’t know where to start.

Today was the day when God gave him away.

What a blessing God gave when he deemed him my way.

Did he know who he was and the lives he would touch.

When he gave him to me.
The greatest man in my heart.

Happy Birthday Grandpa ❤🎂🍷

You don’t know, what you don’t know. But what if you do know?

But what if you do know?

During a morning meditation I was given the spirit to write this.

I’ve experienced an increased awareness of “self” over the last 18 months.

Like so many of you 2020 was easily the hardest year of my life.  

Meditation and prayer built my new foundation.  Its brought valuable awareness that in a sense awakened me inside.

In this heightened awareness I realized my debilitating fear of fear.

The journeys bringing OUT what 20 years of therapy couldn’t bring up.

I have lived in fear for a long as I remember, and no one can really live through the sympathetic nervous system alone.

The last few weeks I’ve had an overwhelming feeling of fear again.

Knowing it’s the most absurd worry, but struggling to shake it.

Meditation after meditation I’ll gain strength back, but in a blink of a worry I’m thrown off center again.

Which leads me to the thought of blissfullness in ignorance. 

How evading reality can sometimes make life more simple.

Do you agree that sometimes it seems easier to bury your head in the sand?

As Donald Rumsfeld coined; You don’t know, what you don’t know.  

And I get that.

But what if you do know?

What do you think happens?

Curious to hear your thoughts…..

Heart Math –  Everyone needs to know this.

During stress and negative emotions, when the heart rhythm pattern is erratic and disordered, the corresponding pattern of neural signals traveling from the heart to the brain inhibits higher cognitive functions. This limits our ability to think clearly, remember, learn, reason, and make effective decisions.

Heart Math

For more scientific research on the psychophysiology of stress, resilience, and the interactions between the heart and brain. 🧠 See nonprofit ⬇️:

HeartMath Institute Science

What do you think?  Is this real or “heartly” true? 

We would love ❤ to hear your thoughts.   Or feelings!!