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My girl is growing older.  She spends most her time sitting with me while I work.  #tinksilva  #myvalentine

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Are New Year’s Resolutions an annual fad like Pumpkin Spice Lattes?

Let’s get real……. Easy.

Easy 2022 Resolutions – Printable PDF

Have you written out a resolution for 2022? If so, you must carry a designer planner or follow another well known life managment contributor.

Nowadays, we may even call our Goal Keepers “Life Coach”.

Trust me, I am not knocking it. The very opposite in fact, I dream of experiencing it more. #1stclass #nannies4life

But, what about when real life calls on your iPhone 10.0.007?

Are resolutions the first to fade off your Microsoft Calendar?

Are New Year’s Resolutions an annual fad like Pumpkin Spice Lattes?

Let’s ponder on this for a moment……

Who’s headed back to the gym this week?

I say we set the resolution bar low in 2022. Let’s foster the feeling of accomplishment early and get back to #living. #life #thenow #now #rightnow #inthenow #lookup

Customize your very own Real Easy Resolutions by choosing one of the free downloads below.

Easy 2022 Resolutions – Printable Word Doc

Easy 2022 Resolutions – Printable PDF

Looking for a laugh? Sure you can read my REAL easy Resolutions HERE.

Candi's 2022 Resolution worksheet

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Business Plays, for Winners

Adopting new technology or leaving the old Broadband provider behind?

As an Enterprise Account Executive at COMCAST, I provide solutions for your existing network or for technology improvements.  Layer 1 of our four-person team includes:  Our Regional Director Cory, Leadership Advisor Jackie, Sr. Engineering Specialist Mohan, and me (the liaison)

As “Partner Tech” we come prepared to provide quick action, strong plays and drive into the end-zone. I am ready to run your plays or write a playbook.

If your business has a need for dedicated fiber internet and you have been UNABLE to get approved to cover build cost in the past, please contact me.

If you impact buying decisions on Technology like Fiber Internet, PRI/VOIP, SD-Wan, Managed Services or DDoS Mitigation Service please schedule a 20-to-30-minute call at the link below. 

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*Serious inquiries only. 

We are real people, who answer the phone, respond to your emails and when permittable meet in person.  We want to be your Business Partners.

Working towards a shared priority of a flourishing future.

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