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What Is Gaslighting Abuse?

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which the abuser attempts to sow self-doubt and confusion in their victim’s mind. Typically, gaslighters are seeking to gain power and control over the other person, by distorting reality and forcing them to question their own judgment and intuition.

The term “gaslighting” comes from the 1938 play Angel Street, which Alfred Hitchock later adapted into the film Gaslight, in which a man tries to convince his wife that she is going insane so he can steal from her. When he turns on the lights in the attic to search for her jewelry collection, and the gas lights dim downstairs, he tells her it’s all in her imagination. Gradually she begins to question her own memories and perceptions.

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Note from the Blogger:

Although I knew what I was experiencing felt wrong.  I was not aware of the different types of tactics used by abusers.

I firmly believe Awareness is the first step to overcome abuse. Once you identify someone is using gaslighting to manipulate the situation it’s easier to gaslight them right back. Ha. ❤️ Candice Fernandez Silva

AESF strives to provide enhancements to Addison’s curriculum, STEM experiences, technology, teacher and student learning opportunities.

From the Desk of:  Olivia Pilar Silva (there are 2 Olivia Silva’s at her school)

DATE: 09/19/22

Regarding:  STEM Program Fundraising – Request for Support

I’m so excited to tell you that on September 23, I’m participating in Addison Elementary School’s Gator Dash. We run to show support for our school and raise funds to help pay for Addison Elementary School. The funds raised from the 2022 Gator Dash will be used by Addison Elementary School Foundation (AESF). AESF strives to provide enhancements to Addison’s curriculum, STEM experiences, technology, teacher and student learning opportunities. This year’s priorities are to fund the STEM Lab, this includes purchasing lab supplies and equipment, work with and support the school-wide Addison STEM program led by Addison teachers and provide teachers with grant and educational opportunities.

Please sponsor me by clicking the button below. This takes you to my personal fundraising page. Thanks for your support!

Love, Olivia Pilar Silva

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The reason I’m sharing and supporting this fundraiser is because it aids my daughters School STEM Technology. Pledge as little as $1.00 & leave Olivia a love note. ❤️

Claim to Sovereignty

I’m closing this chapter

Let the words run off the page

So much pain

A lot of anger

Fast pitch ready, let’s do this thing

Regrets, many

Changes, certainly

I saw the darkness

Watched all it claimed

What looked like a gift

And smelled like a promise

Only evil, within each day

There was smoke

It was fire

Deceitful darkness, from another plane

Left us wounded

Almost stranded

Forever chronically with sane

When God has something for you

He does not place it behind harms way

When God has a lesson to show you

It’s not delivered with uncertainty and shame

Now I see through evils darkness

Brilliant light has blessed my way

Running away with what harm left me

Shielding SOL from my mistakes

Like I’ve done so many times here

Going along within anothers play

Time has come to close this chapter

Time is here, to change our stay

I wash myself in scripture

God fills me up through praise

Epilogue you’ve run too long here

Today I say we’ve won the game!