You don’t know, what you don’t know. But what if you do know?

But what if you do know?

During a morning meditation I was given the spirit to write this.

I’ve experienced an increased awareness of “self” over the last 18 months.

Like so many of you 2020 was easily the hardest year of my life.  

Meditation and prayer built my new foundation.  Its brought valuable awareness that in a sense awakened me inside.

In this heightened awareness I realized my debilitating fear of fear.

The journeys bringing OUT what 20 years of therapy couldn’t bring up.

I have lived in fear for a long as I remember, and no one can really live through the sympathetic nervous system alone.

The last few weeks I’ve had an overwhelming feeling of fear again.

Knowing it’s the most absurd worry, but struggling to shake it.

Meditation after meditation I’ll gain strength back, but in a blink of a worry I’m thrown off center again.

Which leads me to the thought of blissfullness in ignorance. 

How evading reality can sometimes make life more simple.

Do you agree that sometimes it seems easier to bury your head in the sand?

As Donald Rumsfeld coined; You don’t know, what you don’t know.  

And I get that.

But what if you do know?

What do you think happens?

Curious to hear your thoughts…..