Claim to Sovereignty

I’m closing this chapter

Let the words run off the page

So much pain

A lot of anger

Fast pitch ready, let’s do this thing

Regrets, many

Changes, certainly

I saw the darkness

Watched all it claimed

What looked like a gift

And smelled like a promise

Only evil, within each day

There was smoke

It was fire

Deceitful darkness, from another plane

Left us wounded

Almost stranded

Forever chronically with sane

If God has something for you

He does not place it behind harms way

If God has a lesson to share

It’s not delivered in uncertain shame

Now I see through devils darkness

Brilliant light has blessed my pain

Running away with what harm left me

Shielding sol from my mistakes

Like I’ve done so many times

Throwing out all the wrong game plays

Time has come to close this chapter

Time is here, to change my stay

I’ll wash myself in scripture

He’ll fill me up through praise

Epilogue you’ve run too long here

Today I say let’s end this game


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