Are New Year’s Resolutions an annual fad like Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Let’s get real……. Easy.

Easy 2022 Resolutions – Printable

Does anyone write New Year’s resolutions anymore?  If so, I’d guess it would somehow align with a designer planner or some other life organizational practice.

Nowadays, we may even call our Goal Keepers “Life Coach”.

Trust me, I am not knocking it. The very opposite in fact, I dream of experiencing it more. #1stclass

But, what about when real life calls on your iPhone 10.0.007?

Are resolutions the first to fade off your Microsoft Calendar?

Are New Year’s Resolutions an annual fad like Pumpkin Spice Lattes?

Let’s ponder on this for a moment……

Who’s headed back to the gym this week?

I say we set the resolution bar low in 2022.  Let’s foster the feeling of accomplishment early and get back to #living. #life #thenow #now #rightnow #inthenow #lookup

Customize your very own Real Easy Resolutions by choosing one of the free downloads below.

2022 Resolution worksheet – PDF2022 Goals I can Keep

2022 Real Resolution worksheet – Template Word Document


Looking for a laugh?  Sure you can read mine too.

2022 Resolution worksheet – For Candice

If you are looking for self-help or someone to walk you through the Resolution Worksheet, I’m happy to charge you double the rate of a therapist for half the time.  I’m absolutely delighted to help others!  Please register below:

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